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starting February 1st!

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starting February 1st!

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starting February 1st!

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starting February 1st!

What's the calorie & macro breakdown of the meal plan?

Calories range from 1450-1550 per day. Protein is right around 100g per day. Depending on the week, fat ranges from 75-90g, and carbs range from 82-130g.


How will I receive the material?

Once you sign up for the program you will receive an email with all of the details on how to get started. Everything is formatted in an e-book so you are able to access the content anywhere and print out materials that you want to take with you (like the weekly grocery lists.)


Is this program suitable for diabetics?

YES! This program is safe for diabetics. HOWEVER, I always require that any of my clients with existing conditions check with their doctor before starting any new meal plan.


Are the recipes suitable for kids?

The recipes are great for everyone in your family! If cooking for more than one, just adjust the portions accordingly.

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For our members with an unlimited class membership


For our members WITHOUT an unlimited class membership


(includes unlimited classes during the whole 6 weeks of the program)