Cycle Classes

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Spivi® 3D Simulator

Take your indoor cycling up a notch by boosting your ride with Spivi®, an innovative 3D simulator system designed to give you a virtual reality feel. Spivi®, allows you to see your personal avatar and virtual bike on our Cycle Theater screen, as you pedal through dozens of virtual scenes and landscapes. Now you can compete with your friends, feel the thrill of team rides, or work on beating your personal best – it will motivate you to push harder and tap deeper into your ultimate fitness potential

Cycle Classes

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Cycle Core

Put a new spin on your core workout with this heart-pounding, endurance-building class that fuses the best of indoor cycling with core exercises. Push through the resistance as you conquer hills, jumps and sprints throughout this sweaty, calorie-burning journey. After the ride, keep the momentum going as you hit the mat for a core strengthening cool down. Open to all levels.


Themed Ride

Let's Celebrate! Themed Rides are special classes where we celebrate holiday's, ride for charity, or have guest instructors. Each one is unique, just like YOU!


Spin-TASTIC with Nikki

This signature ride is a cardio party featuring indoor cycling techniques, choreographed to rhythmic beats of energetic and uplifting music that will keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals. This party on pedals was created to change your body and your life!


Rooster Ride

Our early morning ride to wake you up and prepare you for an awesome day. Rise, Ride, Rinse, Repeat. Come on in, don't be chicken.


Studio Cycle

DJ lighting, thumping music, high energy. Choreographed to the best music and coupled with Spivi® virtual ride, we get your heart pounding before you even get on the bike. Featuring traditional indoor cycling techniques, this class will provide the varied cross-training you need to enhance your fitness.

All levels welcome

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