Ins and Outs of Indoor Cycling

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Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Don't ever bike on an empty stomach — it's best to eat a little something about 30 minutes to an hour before you ride. A great option is something simple that includes a carbohydrate and some protein. Protein shakes, bananas and nut butter on whole grain bread are all great and filling. Studio49 provides fresh fruit and granola bars for before or after class. Drink water before, during, and after your class.

Arrive Early

If this is your first class arrive about 15 minutes before class begins. If you've done this before, we recommend 10 minutes early. Your instructor will set you up on your bike, explain the console and screen, and ensure that you are both comfortable and safe for your first ride.

What Should I Wear?

A t-shirt or tank top and form-fitting pants or shorts on the bottom. Avoid long, loose-fitting pants that risk being tangled in the bike.

Focus on YOUR Ride

When you're huffing and puffing and then look over and see the girl next to you riding with nary a sign of sweat, it's like uuugh. Remember, fitness is about getting strong and bettering yourself, regardless of where you are when you begin. Experiencing a new workout can be intimidating, but know that at some point everybody was new. Studio49 keeps the cycle theater dimly lit to allow riders to forget about others in the class and focus on their workout. Always honor and listen to your body and work at whatever pace works for you, take breaks when you need to, and know that you will get stronger with every ride!

Come Again

It is completely normal to feel discomfort and/or soreness if you’re riding for the first time. Make sure to hydrate before, during and after your ride. Once you ride a few times, you will learn to use your abdominals for support and sit lightly in your saddle. Your form will continue to get better. Soon you'll see progress and feel yourself getting stronger, and start to crave your spin class!