Cardio and Strength Training Classes

Studio Pump, Hiit Circuit, P90X Express, Sculpt Synergy

Cardio Strength

Each workout features cardio, lower and upper strength and core blocks to synergistically create a metabolic effect and muscle confusion.

Cardio and Strength Training class

Sculpt Synergy

One of our "signature" classes. Combining cardio, resistance, agility and core movements, for an epic burn that increases your endurance, fires up your metabolism and challenge both your body and mind. Strengthen, tone, and sculpt your entire body while also generating a metabolic "ripple" effect that will continue to burn fat for hours after the workout. Each workout is dynamic, using varied tempos and resistance to challenge your body's upper, lower, and core muscles. Take your fitness to the next level! No matter where you're at on your fitness journey, you'll love SculptSynergy.


Hiit Circuit

High-intensity circuit training (HICT) involves combining both cardio and resistance training in the same workout. It alternates upper and lower body moves as well as high-intensity and lower-intensity exercises. The result is a challenging, total body routine that promises better weight loss results in less time.


P90X Express

P90X LIVE is total-body strength and cardio conditioning that helps you blast fat and build lean muscle fast. It’s tough—but your instructor can show you how to modify any move, and the group motivation will help you push past your plateaus.

Upper Strength : Target your chest, back, shoulders, and arms using dumbbells or resistance bands, as well as your own body weight.

Lower Strength: Build leaner legs and stronger glutes with lunge and squat variations, power moves, and plyometrics.

Cardio & Core: The cardio block revs up your metabolism, while challenging core work trains for functional stability.


Studio Pump

Studio Pump is a 45 minute full body barbell program for men and women of all ages and all fitness levels. Matching movement to music and using traditional strength training allows participants to work at their own level.This dynamic class is choreographed strength training that gets you results. Get Pumped!